We are daily committed to decrease the impact of our business on the planet and we make this possible by implementing the Maestro Pasta Ecological Life Cycle (MPELC). This internal protocol consists of a set of activities that focus on three main areas of operation and their critical aspects: supplies, restaurant operations and waste management.

At Maestro Pasta, supplies play an important role in our Ecological Life Cycle. We source our organic flour from Italy and make sure it is produced with sustainable practices. Our packaging is 100% compostable. We only sell drinks in can (aluminum can be recycled infinitely) and the chemicals we use are 100% bio-degradable.

100% Compostable plant-based packaging
Bioplastic compostable cutlery
Recycled furniture
Led lamp, longer life, less energy
We use bio-degradable chemicals
Recycling waste management system

In our day to day operations, Maestro Pasta is engaged in making its restaurant a smarter, more efficient and environmentally friendly place by reducing electrical energy consumption: we use LED lights and only induction burners that deliver higher energy efficiency than gas burners. Reducing the use of disposable supplies made of polluting materials such as plastic is among our highest priorities: we use 100% natural latex gloves that are manufactured with renewable sources, we also have an integrated waste management system where we recycle and compost as much as we can.