Chef Damiano Rosella

Born in Sicily where he would spend his childhood days soaking in the aromas of his family’s busy kitchen Beyond service and hospitality, Damiano is passionate about improving the lives and working experience of his colleagues and teammates in the Hospitality industry. Most nights, he can be found working the line, chatting with guests, or encouraging his staff to “ wish it, dream it, do it.”

"Engraved in my memory are the many professional experiences I have had that have allowed me to build my identity and give a voice and a face to the cuisine and the ethnic flavors that I express. Sophisticated in his choices, bold in his flavors, enterprising in daring with apparently distant tastes, respectful of the food and wine culture of Sicily, passionate about the sea and travel, thoughtful in proposing my vision."

Chef Damiano Rosella is a mix of nuances, both in life and above all in the kitchen. He manages to transfer the idea of hospitality to his guests through his dishes.

The cuisine proposed by Rosella summarizes the vision of those who have worked hard to build their own history and which today offer it to be shared.

Damiano Rosella is a dreamer and his dishes are of such an essential taste that they create a sort of emotional dependence.